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Saturday, April 25 2009


Hello everyone!

You find Boat Scenario interesting tool and you use it from time to time?


I propose you to bring it one step further and help with translation so that Boat Scenario speaks your language.

The steps are rather easy and don't require any programming experience. 10 minutes of your time are needed.

First, you will need a template file, look here if your language is not translated already. If it is present it is still likely that new strings are in need for translation. you may still want to review the translation.

You can then download the file clicking on the "raw" link at the right of the name. If you do not find your language here you will download the generic template here

Second, you will want to setup the translating tool which is called Qt Linguist. You may find installable versions for Windows and Mac here. If you are on Linux your distribution has a package for that, most likely qt-dev-tools.

You could even do without the tool if you understand the file format which is xml and bring the translations in the relevant tags.

Then, up you are translating as much as you can. Running the program in parallel may help you identify where all those strings are.

Last, save your work and send back the .ts file to tgridel at, ideally naming it boats_<language code>.ts like boats_fr.ts

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, March 29 2009


A small teaser so that you know what's cooking for next version of Boat Scenario.

Next version already has:

  • Tabbed view to have multiple scenarios open
  • Trimmable sail angle
  • optional Laylines drawing
  • Printing support including PDF generation of the formatted call
  • Overlap lines
  • and the Export of an Animated GIF.

Slam Dunk Animation


Thursday, November 13 2008

Boats 200811 rc1 released

As promised, version 200811 is now available for download.

Windows users will find a zipped binary ready to use.

Linux users need more work in downloading the source code and compiling it. If enough people ask for an Ubuntu or Debian package, I will provide one.

I am looking for a Mac power user who doesn't faint at the hearing of Xcode, in order to make a Mac bundle for others to use. Otherwise you can still use the Windows binary with your emulator.

Everything is in the Download page.

Boats is licensed under the GPL, which means it is open source and you are encouraged to distribute it, especially if you want your scenarios to be used.

For the curious, I do provide a Changelog from previous version.

Also a Documentation is available.

I am interested in your feedback, which may lead to further evolutions...

Happy Scenario making!

Tuesday, November 11 2008

Preview for version 200811

A release candidate version is expected soon.

Here is the list of changes that version 200811 contains:

- Display the zone at marks. It is 2 Boat Lengths in this version but next will let you change it.

- Export the scenario view to an Image.

- Animation replay, to toggle between single play and loop replay

- Better stall animation, though not perfect.

- Zoom in view with mouse scroll.

- French translation.

As a side note, documentation page has been added to showcase the interactions you can make.

Thursday, October 30 2008

Welcome to Boat Scenario

Hello and welcome to Boat Scenario project page.

Boat Scenario is a Race Scenario drawing tool. It is work in progress for the time being, with early releases coming very soon. We will keep you informed on this page.