Boat Scenario is a drawing tool. It is your ideal companion for training sessions, rule learning, strategy explanations and more.

The project is mature and still allows for improvements.

The main features are:

  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Multiple boat shapes, because not everyone races a Soling! Available boats now are Optimist, Laser, Tornado, and Keelboat. More can be added!
  • Easy boat movement and setting the heading with left and right mouse buttons.
  • Boat selection mechanism to edit multiple boats together, and undo/redo options.
  • Smooth animation with play/pause/hand set to test the realism of the drawing.
  • Wind shifts along the scenario.
  • Export as an animation image, or as a still Image of any time in the animation.
  • Printing support to generate a nice call description.
  • Data is saved as xml. It is thus planned for further evolutions.