Hello Everyone!

After another two month period a new version of Boat Scenario has arrived. This version brings:

  • Tabbed view to have multiple scenarios open
  • Trimmable sail angle
  • optional Laylines drawing
  • Printing support including PDF generation of the formatted call
  • Overlap lines
  • Animated GIF export
  • a rib series (umpire pressure)
  • contextual menu input from the scene
  • recent files list and last session tabs restore

This tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac as usual, and will let you create the same Scenarios on all those platforms.

The product is provided under the Open Source GPL licence.

PS: as some of you reported, there was a nasty bug in Mac version caused by the graphics library. As a result could not export to a still image with that version. A new file has been released on April 25th that correct that bug.