Hello everyone!

You find Boat Scenario interesting tool and you use it from time to time?


I propose you to bring it one step further and help with translation so that Boat Scenario speaks your language.

The steps are rather easy and don't require any programming experience. 10 minutes of your time are needed.

First, you will need a template file, look here if your language is not translated already. If it is present it is still likely that new strings are in need for translation. you may still want to review the translation.

You can then download the file clicking on the "raw" link at the right of the name. If you do not find your language here you will download the generic template here

Second, you will want to setup the translating tool which is called Qt Linguist. You may find installable versions for Windows and Mac here. If you are on Linux your distribution has a package for that, most likely qt-dev-tools.

You could even do without the tool if you understand the file format which is xml and bring the translations in the relevant tags.

Then, up you are translating as much as you can. Running the program in parallel may help you identify where all those strings are.

Last, save your work and send back the .ts file to tgridel at users.berlios.de, ideally naming it boats_<language code>.ts like boats_fr.ts

Your support will be greatly appreciated.