Dear all,

So that you know everything is still moving, I have been busy in the previous weeks in getting Boat Scenario accepted to Debian Linux distribution, which happened last sunday. As a result, Debian unstable users can now download boats directly from the package system.

There follows some kind of domino effect: pretty soon the Debian Testing users will have the package available as well.

Another domino effect is that Ubuntu is following the steps of Debian, and packages for Karmic version are becoming available now.

I will keep the early packages that I provide on this site, as they still are useful to Debian Testing and Ubuntu Jaunty users.

On the feature side, I have been slower, sorry... There is already a good spanish translation ready, and some option to toggle the trajectory display. I am working on displaying flags on boats at the moment, and expect some more work before I could release current june.

Enjoy Sailing!