Hello Everyone!

Time flies, and an update has been long due. A new step has been achieved in this release, with strong contributions from Graham Louth. This shows the power of open source as anyone can propose improvements and have them incorporated for the benefits of all.

Here are the new features:

  • New boat shapes, ranging from 420/470 to 29er, 49er, and the classical Firefly and Topper
  • Select a full track with Shift+click
  • A jib, which can be trimmed with "," and "."
  • A Gennaker on the keelboat, skiffs and the tornado, trimmable with Ctrl + "," and "."
  • Projection transform, allowing to rotate and tilt the diagram and show a different perspective
  • A Follow Track mode in the animations, to better understand each boat's point of view
  • Improvements for the marks: change color, edit their label, add an arrow for clockwise/anticlockwise

Special thanks to the following translators that contributed to this release:

Rüdiger Schuchardt (GER), Luigi Bertini (ITA), Takaaki Kawata (JPN), Jaap de Zeeuw (NED), Sofia Truchanowicz (POL), Manuel Santos Silva (POR), Andraž Koželj (SLO), Tom Björkholm (SWE).

Mac version is also available now, thanks to the efforts of Tom Björkholm. You will find all you need on the Download page.

Enjoy sailing!